• Tailoring:
    This is being done at the school, to enable the widows gain skills for self-help and sustainability. This project was started in 2012 with a few sewing machines we had though at the moment we strive to acquiring more machines to cater for the big numbers of widows.

  • Tree Planting and Agriculture:
    The project currently is dealing in tree nurseries i.e pine, mango with main emphasis on environment conservation. Some of our beneficiaries have also ventured into cabbages. This is mainly for domestic consumption and more so gives the widows an opportunity to work for the wellbeing of their families.

  • Community Effort for Children Development Orphanage School:
    This was started to give the orphans and vulnerable children a chance to education. This school is also used as another way of improving life of these orphans and vulnerable children through community sensitization on values of education, positive parenting and disease (HIV/AIDS) in an effort to curb ignorance.


Just like any other project dealing with OVC, the Community Effort for Children Development lacks sufficient food for some of the vulnerable children, widows and this in most cases affects mobilization activities.

The school currently has a challenge with scholastic materials, teacher salaries, reliable infrastructure to mention class rooms.