About Us

Historical Background

Community Effort for Children Development Organization started on 10th October 2010 under the foundation of Pastor Mukiga Eliasaph and Ms Twinomujuni Aidah of Katikara Town Kisiita Sub-County. It started its operational activities in Katikara but has since then extended to Mmwitanzige,Kisiita,Kinunda in Nalweyo Sub-county. It also intends to scale up to cover entire Kisiita and Nalweyo Sub-county.

From the Baseline survey conducted by the organization team, it was found out that most Children below the age 18 were undergoing various abuses notably:- Denial of education by the Parents and Guardians - from the Households visited 30% of Children at School going age were attending school. There were a big number of children in the Village so idle and for Girls had been married off and Boys were engaged in petty work like fetching water, loading maize on tracks, riding Boda Bodas and some Girls employed in Restaurants and Lodges.

Denial of Medicare by most parents is also another child abuse identified. Most children were mal nourished while others had not even helped to complete the immunization cycle. The household hygiene and sanitation is also appalling as latrine coverage for Nalweyo and Kisiita was only at 48%. This accounts for the continuous Disease outbreak in these areas. Domestic violence was also on an increase as out of 100 Household 60 households are always in wrangles and completely unstable. Wives were being battered by their husbands and misunderstandings were arising from land ownership, Husbands spending Family incomes without consent of their Wives and many others. This would in the end result into children dropping out of School, others harmed and in extreme cases death.

Our Vision

Inspired by God's love to empower children and their households in the community and beyond live in a just society through sustainable development to attain social and economic development.

Our Mission

To be an excellent provider of social and vocational skills to empower vulnerable groups of people in Uganda through sound education, health initiative and financial issues for life.

Organizational Objectives:

  • To enable needy Children and their Families to improve on the quality life through Community Sensitization on the values of education, positive parenting, Poverty and Disease.
  • To ensure that all child at School going age are able to enroll in school and be supported to complete their education career.
  • To promote -an environment that is observant to Children Rights and Responsibilities towards protecting children from being abused.
  • To strengthen functional and informal community based child protection systems.
  • To encourage and support viable self-help group initiatives for Children and their Families and form groups through which Orphans and other marginalized individuals can be helped to address the challenges they going through.
  • To promote skill development and build capacity among parent and guardians to be able to start up family income generating activities and these would help to meet day to day need of their Children including Education and Medical Care.
  • To encourage the community to have mutual Cooperation and solidarity amongst themselves to promote peace, Justice and Development.
  • Promote Family stability through community sensitization and awareness on the effects of Domestic Violence which directly and negatively impacts on the wellbeing of Children.
  • To work in partnership with Government and other None Governmental Organizations involved in providing services for the Children.